Serious fraud

serious fraud

We have a highly skilled team of lawyers who deal with serious fraud being prosecuted by such agencies as the National Crime Agency.  We have had great success in dealing with defending clients.  R v Anthony Durai – Central Criminal Court – November 2014 – In what could be the most controversial judgement at the Bailey, in the case that shamed the NCA, we represented a Defendant allegedly involved in laundering approximately £37m over a period of 11 months between April 2013 and March 2014. Despite the strong evidence against the Defendants, the case was dropped mid trial, after the gaps in the Crown’s evidence were highlighted by our team in many instances to the jurors.  Please read below:

The Telegraph,

R v Kati Notcutt – CCC – April 2015 – We represented the assistant of the main defendant who was accused of having made false mortgage applications since 2005 through his mortgage brokerage company. The case was dropped mid trial against our client.

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