James Liasis

James is a criminal duty solicitor and a higher rights advocate. He deals with the most serious of cases such as people trafficking, GBH, conspiracy to supply drugs and money laundering cases. James is highly regarded by his clients and often gets positive results. His cases are mostly high profile and he is a very robust lawyer. He is diligent and shall leave no stone unturned in his representation of his clients.

Wendy Orlebar

Wendy is c criminal duty solicitor of many years of experience of defending serious cases of all levels and complexity. She has dealt with multi-handed cases where there are several defendants. Her experience includes dealing with downloading of indecent images, rape and other sexual offences, drug cases and robbery. She is highly regarded and has many repeat clients.

Darren Cousins

Darren is a criminal duty solicitor and also specialises in prison law matters. He is very experienced and often looks at innovative ways of dealing with matters. He is excellent at representing clients at the police station and often has matters discontinued at the police station. Darren is an accomplished at prison law and often attends adjudications.

Ronald Bostwick

Ronald Bostwick is a practising barrister who is also specially accredited to be listed on the duty solicitor roster for this firm, and so acts as our consultant in matters of criminal law. Ronald’s practice at the independent Bar covers all types of serious crime; money laundering, conspiracies involving drug trafficking or sophisticated fraud, sexual offences and violent offences ranging from armed robbery to attempted murder. A shrewd barrister and generally very busy, Mr Bostwick is also instructed by this firm subject to his availability.

Selected notable cases of Ronald Bostwick

R.v.Brown; Nottingham:

Leading counsel for First Defendant in 3-month multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine by light aircraft drop over a field in Kent.

R.v.M F Li: Attempted murder – Croydon Crown Court – Acquitted

R.v.Josiah Wilson: led junior in a multi handed firearms case at Snarebrook CC

R.v.Platt [2003] EWCA Crim 3382, CA: Importation of £½M of cocaine from Equador by an organised crime syndicate. Effect of disclosure in cut-throat defence.

R.v.Shitta; Bradford: 11-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the Midlands. Case against S discontinued on Day 4 following submissions on state of the evidence.

R.v.Sharpe;Reading: Multi-handed conspiracy to supply cannabis through retail outlet in a quiet residential area. The estimated take in the four and a half month period of covert surveillance was £750,000 with £31,000 seized in cash along with £73,000 worth of cannabis. Sharpe, appearing first on indictment in second trial, was the sole acquittal.