Mediation is a confidential, voluntary, problem solving process in which the participants after having sufficient information and time build their own agreements. Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court.

Mediators do not tell you what to do, but rather help you to make your own informed decisions. We as mediators will give you information about legal matters, how to deal with financial issues, issues relating to children, the court process, court orders, how to contact various other bodies and agencies and obtain legal advice if and when required. Mediation is very effective because the mediator remains independent and neutral. Since we have no stake in the dispute or the outcome of the dispute we can remain focused and committed to helping the participants to find a solution.

As a guide, most mediators follow the same consequential steps, as follows:

  • Set the mediation agenda. The mediation sessions are tailored around what you want and need to discuss.
  • Agree the issues that you need to discuss.
  • Decide the priority of the issues. Some issues are more pressing than others and need to be resolved first, e.g. maintenance, holidays, contact.
  • Set time scales to deal with certain matters e.g. for separation or divorce
  • Clarify the issues, sometimes it is not certain what matters are really in dispute and clarifying these avoids future misunderstanding.
  • Find the common ground.
  • Obtain information, e.g., complete a financial questionnaire.
  • Look at the various options and reality test the options.
  • Arrive at the option that suits you both.
  • Secure mutually acceptable proposals.
  • Document those proposals
  • At the end of the mediation process your mediator will inform you how to obtain legal advice upon the proposals and how you may convert this into a legally binding agreement

At Lam & Meerabux, we specialize in civil and commercial disputes. Written agreements can be made legally binding if required. Our rates are very competitive and we try to encourage a relaxed environment to promote a settlement.

We are able to organise mediations through Clerksroom at highly competitive prices:

If you decide to litigate we are able to get you sound results: