Family solicitors

family law

Family law concerns not only the breakdown of a relationship and financial issues, but also matters affecting children including contact and residence disputes. At Lam & Meerabux, we advise and represent clients in all aspects of family work in the local County Courts.


When you are going through something as important as a divorce or separation, you need the peace of mind that comes with working with real experts. A divorce or separation can lead to big changes to your life, which is why you should only work with a family law team that puts your interests above all else. At Lam & Meerabux, our lawyers handle divorces and nullity proceedings of all types, including those with an international element.


Where children are concerned we acknowledge just how sensitive the matter can be. We aim to minimise conflict whenever possible, however, when it is necessary, we take effective legal action. We are experts at dealing with the often complex problems that can arise from a family breakdown whether financial or children related; and try to resolve these matters as amicably as possible in the interests of the child.

Domestic Violence

If you are suffering from domestic violence in your relationship, this is an emotional, upsetting and difficult time. Our experienced family law solicitors understand this sensitive situation, and are alert to the issues surrounding it, including the effect this behaviour has on children and dependents, and on your life outside the home.

We are able to make emergency applications to the Court for Orders necessary to protect those suffering domestic violence. Since we are in such close proximity to the Court we are able to act expeditiously in these matters.

Pre-nuptual agreements

Marriage breakdown has increased significantly over the last few years due to changes in society and our work-life patterns. By signing a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage, both parties know exactly where they stand in relation to asset division, should the marriage dissolve in the future. We can draw up appropriate agreements to reflect these arrangements so that couples can make clear the financial or other arrangements which are to exist between them. These agreements can help to reduce the likelihood of disputes in the future and are increasingly assist the courts in deciding the division of assets in the unfortunate event of relationship breakdown.

Cohabition Agreements

Despite the common belief that if you live with someone for a certain length of time you become “common law man and wife”; there is no such concept. Therefore, if you are thinking about cohabiting or buying a property together, it is in your interests to seek legal advice. A Cohabitation Agreement or Trust Deed can save a lot of heartache and unnecessary costs. They can regulate not only how assets and income are to be dealt with during the relationship but also in the unfortunate situation of breakdown.

* Please note that we do not accept legal aid on our divorce services; and cases are only handled on a retainer basis