Care Proceedings

car proceedings law

Care proceedings is when Children’s Services asks the court to look at your child’s situation and decide if your child needs a legal order to keep them safe. Your child’s social worker will do this if they think that your child cannot remain safely at home. This must be one of the most devastating proceedings that a parent can ever envisage. We are able to assist you handling these proceedings with the utmost care and expertise.

If Children’s Services think your child needs to be removed from your care before the final hearing, they will ask the court to make an Interim (temporary) Care Order. In this case there will be a court hearing when this will be decided. You will be able to go to this hearing and argue against it if you wish. At this hearing the court will decide:

• Whether an Interim Care Order should be made

• where your child should live until the final hearing,

• who your child will see until the final hearing and

• what needs to be done and by when before the final hearing. This includes assessments, reports, statements or research into whether there is anyone else who might become a carer for your child – they are known as directions.

These are traumatic proceedings and we are able to provide you with the legal expertise to help you at this stressful time. Please read Re M (Children) [2014] EWHC 667 (Fam) where the Judge had to consider the issue of religious “radicalisation” in the context of child welfare.